No gambling at Freewinshopping 

All games belonging to Freewinshopping have been developed avoiding all the elements akin to the games of chance, the victory for obtaining the free of the lot is only the performance of the users of the platform. For account holders, the games are offered free of charge to help users prepare before confronting other buyers of the combination. The stakes, the gain or the loss and the chance is not met for that Freewinshopping is akin to a gambling site. If we get out of the virtual context of the site and its application, the course set up by Freewinshopping akin to a tournament of several players wanting each of their sides having the best score with fun little games requiring dexterity for each of them. For Freewinshopping, fun is a competition and not a chance, it is for this reason that in the concept created by Freewinshopping will never be offered games of the casino. The main engine of Freewinshopping is to offer the possibility of a free on quality products without that its users have the feeling of losing their money because by accessing the games what the player invested In purchases, he gets it even as a loser. No amount will be wagered by the members of a combination that would result in a loss of money for the other participants. Freewinshopping just gives the possibility that by its act of purchase, the customer can play a game in order to try to have the highest score and get the free product of its combination.