Game Rules

Each customer, using the services, accepts having maximum two minutes in the game history option to restart the game in case of problems related to its connection or to another element independent of the will of Freewinshopping. So all members of the combination of players’ self-ENT able to know the table of results quickly. If each member of the combination had to wait until the problem of a player is settled, the lucky winner in this case Era Be able to be notified as soon as possible. 

Freewinshopping memorizes each game history and gives each member of the combination a chance to check their score in the results table to see where they belong and whether they are the lucky winners. Freewinshopping In all integrity with respect to users in determining the winner's customers with efficient automation that will designate the real Winner.

The player accepts that if he does not play at the time set for the launch of the game, he will no get points, but in any case he got his product that he boughtThe player knows in advance that to have the game in full screen on his smartphone and his tablet it will have to perform a screen reversal.

The customer putting himself on a combination is warned that the item put up for sale. In case of rupture of stock can be replaced for the next members of the combination of another product of the same price range and that it will not change anything for the customer because its product purchased and may be reimbursed will remain the same. Freewinshopping uses all the technological means at its disposal, so that the combination can go back at all situations and determine the winner as quickly as possible.

The player takes into account that if he has made several purchases at the same time, the games related to the products will be in the order of the basket, and that they follow one after the other with just the time of loading between the parties and an announcement of a product of the site. The player will therefore have to anticipate the time needed to play all the games that will not last two minutes.