The concept of less than 1 minute      

Freewinshopping is an online store related to games offering the best brands in the field of fashion, high-tech and perfumes and cosmetics. The peculiarity of our concept is that on a combination of players will be put on sale a lot of the same article or the same price range and that in this lot, a piece will be destined to be won by a person among the different buyers. Said winner will be determined by participation in a quick score game like those offered on the site.

In practice, each user will only have to make his purchase to participate in the game.

At the end, the winner will win the item for free by being reimbursed on his personal account in connection with his last transaction, while the others will only have to pay the price of the item as they would do on a classic online store. So there are no losers.

The idea is to make online shopping more attractive by bringing in consumers looking for a less conventional fun supplement, to have fun and above all without losing their money, a very good opportunity to win their product at the end!