We are a young start-up based in Liège in Belgium, surrounded by the talented development team Ccube9, our objective is to innovate the conventional online purchase in order to offer you a more amusing vision by the fun of playing with fun little games, the first goal is to win a free product without losing anything…. 

The main engine of Freewinshopping is to offer the possibility of free on quality products without its users feeling the loss of their money, because by accessing the games what the player invests in purchases, he gets even lost. No amount will be wagered by the members of a combination that would result in a loss of money for the other participants. Freewinshopping just gives the possibility that by his act Purchase, the customer can play a game in order to try to get the best score and get the free product of his combination.

Gifted for technology, each of us brings specific skills to meet the needs of Internet users and make the site as functional as possible. We work very hard to improve the concept of Freewinshopping. We are also delighted to offer you this very first e-commerce site specialising in shopping games.