How to play ?

You must, in a combination of several players, get the best score on a fast game in order to get your purchase for free. Do not worry; the beginner too will have his chance.

Unlike gambling what you invest, you get it because the item you are going to buy will simply allow you to participate in a game in order to get it for free, so it will be delivered to you as soon as possible even if you lose.

After confirmation of your purchase the loading of the game can begin and you will have to be ready to play. It's that simple.

As soon as you know the results table, the winner will win the item for free by being reimbursed on his personal account in connection with his last transaction. In order for you to know your result as quickly as possible, we will propose maximum 5 products of the day by categories so that the parties focus on each combination of players. You will be able to know when your favorite products are offered and to train you for free at the games that will be linked.

You will also have the opportunity to create your avatar and depending on the number of your wins and your cuts, you will get benefits, we will be there to meet your needs.